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At Derb Herbal Alternative, we provide you with natural methods of combating common ailments. Our most popular therapies focus specifically on male and female health issues such as Fertility problems, Sexually Transmitted and Urinary Tract Infections (STI’s and UTI’s) as well as None reproductive health issues.
Each line of herbal solutions (agbo) is painstakingly concocted according to ancient family recipes which have been passed down for generations.

When it comes to cleanliness and hygiene, Derb Herbal Alternative holds itself, its practitioners and employees to the highest standards in order to avoid product contamination. Therefore, you can trust that each batch of product you hold in your hand will deliver targeted action to quickly eliminate your particular health problem. All our remedies are made from natural plant extracts so side effects are rare and uncommon. Each remedy contains one or more active ingredients which is known to combat a particular health issue. This makes for quick and complete relief from symptoms. In addition, our recipes contain several other plant extracts which utilize the principle of “drug synergy”. This means that they work synergistically with the active ingredient to completely eliminate symptoms and prevent their future return. Use our remedies regularly to maintain optimum health and vitality!
Please look around our website if you’d like to learn more about how our remedies can greatly improve your health and provide total body rejuvenation.

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