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Welcome to Derb Herbal Alternatives.

Where nature can help you rejuvenate!

At Derb Herbal Alternative, we provide you with natural methods of combating common ailments. Our most popular therapies focus specifically on male and female health issues such as Fertility problems, Sexually Transmitted and Urinary Tract Infections (STI's and UTI's) as well as None reproductive health issues.
Each line of herbal solutions (agbo) is painstakingly concocted according to ancient family recipes which have been passed down for generations. When it comes to cleanliness and hygiene, Derb Herbal Alternative holds itself, its practitioners and employees to the highest standards in order to avoid product contamination. Therefore, you can trust that each batch of product you hold in your hand will deliver targeted action to quickly eliminate your particular health problem.


Our Vision.

To be the most admired Tradomedical company through innovation, technology, research while offering safe and reliable herbal products and Therapy…

Our Mission.

To make herbal wellness a part of every home as nature has always cared for us and we strive to make this possible through our commitment and sustainability…


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Blog & News

Blog & News

The journey via Instagram.

  • #Charity begins at #home they say 
Meet my Lil #nephew that's growing to be more of me 
Cause I started #like him as well 
On one of my post 
I defined the difference between #herbalism( based on a generational thing, personal experience and a deep #relationship with plants) and herbology( based on third party-information (from books, lectures, videos, etc.)
It's incomparable 
Parents at home please add vocational learning to your child's education cause #Nigeria of today is not much encouraging 
Back then in the #university 
One of my lecturers used to say some of you will end up selling pepper and all of us will be like GOD forbid 
I didn't understand that till after uni and when we started hunting for jobs and today in my cycle 
I'm selling and making #herbs 
I have a #friend that's selling and making #charcoal and he is doing so very well 
Tosin is selling and making grounded pepper that's easy to cook and called some hot chilly for #people that like pepper 
Another is doing puff puff and have never seen chocolate puff in my #life till I got to her place 
I remember I spoke to the same Sasha-p and she was saying something about boiled and roasted corn with PhD
To cut the long #story short sha 
Let's not just train our lil once in oyinbo way and #youth should start something and you will be amazed at your own strength 
  • #Goodmorning 
So #technically this #patient viral loads now should be between 0 to 500 or should I say less than 2000
Hepatitis B 
is an infection of the #liver causes by the hepatitis B virus  It can cause scarring of the #organ, liver failure, and #cancer. It can be fatal if it isn’t treated.
It’s spread when #people come in contact with the #blood, open sores, or #body fluids of someone who has the #hepatitis B virus.
What Are the Symptoms of Hepatitis B?
When you’re first infected, the warning signs include:
* Jaundice. (Your #skin or the whites of the eyes turn yellow, and your pee turns brown or orange.)
#Light colored poop
#Fatigue that persists for weeks or months
#Stomach trouble like loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting
#Belly pain

Symptoms may not show up until 1 to 6 months after you catch the #virus 
That's why I keep screaming about always doing a viral test Cause You might not #feel anything till late 
The only quickest way to find out is through a #blood test.
It Shall continue to be well with us all Now and forever Amen 
#derbherbs #celebrity 
#health #is #wealth 
#new #year #udeytrymedia 
#plantbased #plants
  • Just start with what you #love and use it to save the #world 
  • One of my very own lost period founder 
Over the years 
have had client that have had failed IVF and due to that as well 
They lost their period 
Gone through emotional and psychological trauma 
Have cried with some women and end up smiling with them through my therapy Ahliamdulilahi 🙏 
Have sympathized with some with stubborn husband that just wouldn't let them use alternative therapy 
lots of women are going through a lot whalahi
But by the special grace of GOD 
Your #heart will be filled with joy 
While some have developed hormonal issues as well 
In #women, the most common hormonal imbalance is polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
Symptoms of a hormonal imbalance specific to women include:

heavy or irregular periods, including missed #periods, stopped period, or frequent period
hirsutism, or excessive hair on the #face, chin, or other parts of the body 
acne on the face, #chest, or upper back
thinning hair or #hair loss 
weight gain or trouble losing weight
darkening of the skin, especially along #neck creases, in the groin, 
#skin tags
pain during Sx
night sweats. 
I pray GOD use me to put a #smile on your face 
  • Except the unexpected positively from my weight loss #bacteria #parasite cleanse 
It does not only burn #fat but also 
Balance the #hormone 
Detoxify you against #toxic 
It's a total #body #rejuvenation 
Send a Dm for your 
#derbherbs +2348020993555
But meanwhile 
Warm #water and lime on an empty stomach still #help out a little but don't try this if you have #ulcer

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